Eve 6 - Hokis lyrics
Eve 6 - Hokis lyrics

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Eve 6 - Hokis lyrics

Turn turn the radio low, I've got to talk to you,
Turn turn the radio low...
Got a half Armenian girlfriend
She tests me like a scantron
She'll only tell me what's wrong
If she's hit the bong ba bong bong
Feeling melodramatic and spastic
She ain't made of West Coast plastic,
I lie awake with an aching,
Is it all in my head like she said

I'm in love with the sounds
that you make and the groud that you walk on
I'm running after you, I'm in love with the way
that you're making me wait
I just want to be catching up to you
Got a half Armenian girlfrïend
She's hotter than I am handsom,
She'll f***k you up and then some,
She'll rock the boat to Bedlam

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