Inuyasha - My will (engleza).. lyrics
Inuyasha - My will (engleza).. lyrics

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Inuyasha - My will (engleza).. lyrics

I wake from my sleep and face the day,
But I have to hope to reach you someday,
I cannot go on take other steps,
'cause my way's not easy to go.
No, even I do really wanna see you,
I need to take my time,
Spend some days alone, being be myself, will be all I do
If does exist an everlasting love in which I could believe,
I got hurt because, I was very awkward

Know it but I don't want no losing, no!
Thinkin' of you made me cry,
So my eyes, they were filled with tears,
And all I've got is my will to be with you again.
Thinkin' of you made me cry so many times,
The only thing that made me strong was you,
And I have my will to be wïth you someday

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