How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife Using Whetstone

Posted on 24 November, 2018 by Administrator

How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife Using Whetstone

You should know how to sharpen a pocket knife if you want to keep it in good way for cutting everything. People use this kind of knife to do everyday task. It is practical for carving the wood, opening packages, cutting boxes, even killing small bug. As similar to other knife, you need to keep it as sharp as possible. There are several methods to sharpen your knife. However, whetstone is the most popular one because it's easy and simple. You can do sharping anytime and anywhere.

  1. Whetstone and lubricant

Firstly, you need a proper whetstone or any similar stone that's capable for sharping the blade. There are tons of options at store from the cheap to expensive one. You just pick one that costs not too much, but high in quality. Moreover, the stone should be small enough to carry anywhere. Next thing is lubricant to prevent knife pores from clogging up in dry surface. In general, using water is enough, but lubricant or oil gives more concise result. Just purchase the lubricant along with its stone.

  1. Sharpening one side and flip to other

After the tools are ready, the next thing on how to sharpen a pocket knife is to do sharpening. Keep stone in steady position and pour the lubricant. Check the knife surface and see which side has dull edge. If you are not sure, start from one then change to another. Press the knife on stone surface then sweep down and up simultaneously. Keep the angle at 15 degree between knife and stone. After 10 to 15 strokes, flip and sweep it to sharpen another edge. Do the same steps until knife looks sharp.

As you know, pocket knife consists of various models and designs. When sharpening, keep the hand grip in balance. It is quite difficult for beginner, but you surely do not want to ruin the knife surface because of rough moving. Do sweeping slowly until the lubricant blends the knife and stone surface. After that, you can do faster sweeping until there is no rustic stain

  1. Test sharpness

The last step of how to sharpen a pocket knife razor sharp is to do testing knife sharpness. Cut subtle object and see whether the knife gives clean cutting form. If it still has rough contour, you can do sharpening again using whetstone.

With its functionality, pocket knife is more flexible than scissors. You can bring and keep it at pocket anytime. Just follow the steps above of how to sharpen a pocket knife properly using whetstone.