How to Use Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Posted on 26 September, 2018 by Administrator

How to Use Kitchen Knife Sharpener

You surely need kitchen knife sharpener to bring back the sharpness. For your information, dull edge is dangerous because you requires more force for cutting. Instead of clean form, the knife is slipping and there is probability to cut your own arm. That is why the sharpness is important in order to keep the knife's durability and avoid harm situation. You can use manual sharpener with one or more slots depending on knife surface condition. To do these procedures, follow below steps carefully.

1. Cleaning knife from dust

Before doing the sharpening process, first thing to do is making sure that your knife is completely clean before ready to put inside slot sharpener. Use water or oil to spread evenly on the entire blade surface. After that, dry it with clean towel and make sure no wet drop entirely.

2. Put it inside slot and pull it back

The basic professional knife sharpener has one slot, but most of them have two or three, even four. Why does it have more slots? Manufacturer uses stone or metal as material for sharpening. Each of them has different capability depending on the dullness level. Firstly, keep knife at hand and firm your grip to make a steady position. Put it from above vertically and down directly to slot. In this position, the knife is in perpendicular position toward sharpener. Pull it slowly in horizontal position. Then, do it again from above and pull horizontally. Try three or four times until the dull edge is sharp enough for cutting. If your kitchen knife sharpener has more slots, you can move from one slot to others based on the edge level.

3. Checking sharpness

Lastly, check whether the knife is sharp or not to get ready for the next cutting task. Hang a paper on your hand and keep the knife at another. Slice paper slowly from above and push it down until the paper turns into two pieces. The clean edge shows the sharpness level. If your knife cannot deliver this result properly, it means you need to sharpen it twice or more.

This process uses the manual sharpener that available at store. As we know, whetstone is the oldest way in sharpening the knife or blade. It is also similar to honing rod that you hold it vertically then sweep the knife on rod surface. Moreover, electric tool is similar to the manual one, except you have not to push or pull the knife manually. Just put the button part of kitchen knife sharpener and wait until the process is done.