Pocket Knife Sharpener, Perfect Choice for Outdoor-Loving People

Posted on 30 November, 2018 by Administrator

Pocket Knife Sharpener, Perfect Choice for Outdoor-Loving People

Pocket knife sharpener is a handy small tool, especially for those who adore outdoor activities. It is proven useful for camping, hunting, or fishing trips. To ensure that your knife will stay sharp, you should carry a sharpener that will not take too much space and light enough. Here are some great sharpener options for you to consider.

  1. Diamond Mini Sharpener F70F

You cannot deny that this sharpener is the best pocket knife sharpening system out there. The highlight of this product is monocrystalline diamond area. Every part of this area can be utilized. The tool can be used in dry or wet condition. It does not only work on knives, but also many other items like gardening shears. This sharpener weighs about 23 grams so it is a breeze to carry around.

  1. QuadSharp Carbide/Ceramic Multi-angle Sharpener

This pocket knife sharpener features four slots made of carbide material which allow you to sharpen knives in four different angle options. You can sharpen knives at 17º, 20º, 25º, or 30º. To further smooth the blade, you can utilize its ceramic surface after sharpening. Its handle is made of solid metal that feels sturdy and lowers risk of slippage. This sharpener will work fine whether you apply it on straight or serrated knives. It weighs about four ounces, but can be handled well.

  1. 360/600 Grit Folding Diamond Sharpener

One thing that makes this tool stands out is its diamond-electroplated area. You have wider surface to work on, improving your efficiency immensely. The diamond surface has two edges with different grits. To sharpen the knife, the coarse 360-grit is utilized. Meanwhile, surface with finer 600-grit is used for finishing. When it is not used, the handle can be folded to protect sharpening surface. To use the pocket knife sharpener, you can extend the handle, so it goes in the opposite direction of diamond surface.

  1. Two-stage Pocket Sharpener

The V-shape sharpening surface is made of carbide material. This tool sharpens your blade in two stages. First, you utilize the coarse stage to sharpen your blade edges. After that, you can utilize its fine stage to do the finishing. The handle is made of anti-slip textured rubber to minimize risk of accident. You will have steady grip during sharpening process to make the job easier. It weighs only 1.6 lbs. Well, this is a great pocket knife sharpener if you do not want too much fuss.