Professional Knife Sharpener, the Tool You Need to Gain Optimum Result

Posted on 5 December, 2018 by Administrator

Professional Knife Sharpener, the Tool You Need to Gain Optimum Result

You cannot deny that professional knife sharpener is the best tool that will restore your knife back to its optimum usability. It is the type of sharpening system commonly used by professionals in knife honing and sharpening. Nonetheless, you can still learn how to use it at home. Check the popular sharpening products below.

  1. Diamond Hone Professional 100 Box Sharpener

This is sharpener designed to yield amazing result but can be utilized by anyone. It is made of diamond abrasive material. The tool sharpens your knife in three stages. First, it prepares your knife to be sharpened by dulling the old edge. Then, the process continues to sharpening. After that, honing will start to give the blade razor edge. It is equipped with magnetic guide to hold your blade at correct angle.

  1. KS-500 Professional Sharpener

This professional knife sharpener lookw beautiful and works wonder. The sharpening area is made of tungsten carbide material while its exterior is stainless steel. This tool sharpens and finishes your knife in one surface. You do not need to set up correct angle, since this tool will guide the knife during sharpening to restore it to original angle.

  1. Deluxe Five-stone Sharpener

This stone-based professional knife sharpening equipment is known to be one of the best. You will find five sharpening stones that come with knife clamp and angle guide. Each stone differs in grit, so there are coarser and finer stones which are color-coded. You have four angle options to sharpen blade. There is also honing oil to smooth the process.

  1. 08810 Professional Electric Sharpener

This electric sharpening tool can be used to process any type of metal knives, although it will not work well on ceramic-made knives. It sharpens your knife in three stages. There are blade guides that can be used interchangeably depending on proper angle. This professional knife sharpener produces ultra-small serration on blade edge, so it results in very sharp knife.

  1. Trizor XV

In fact, Trizor XV is one of the best products in market. There are three sharpening stages in this tool. You will need to use coarse stage at first before moving to fine stage. Furthermore, polishing stage will make your knife look good as new. It produces triple bevel on knife blade to increase sharpened edge durability. Although you need a bit of practice before optimum usage, this electric professional knife sharpener is the way to go.

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