John Boos Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar with Elegant and Artistic Design

Posted on 2 October, 2018 by Administrator

John Boos Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar with Elegant and Artistic Design

John Boos kitchen island breakfast bar has several designs to consider for your kitchen. As an island, it is more than furniture because of its functionality and practically. Which one is the best? It depends on what your need and personal preference. People use it as additional furniture to provide more space during preparation and serving meal.

When it comes into the design for John Boos kitchen cart, rectangle is the most common one. You can have it from John Boos with rectangle countertop. It uses solid maple wood with brown and dark finished. At below section, there are two selves and drawers. You can put kitchen utensils or small tools such as plate, fork, spoon, bowl, glass inside the drawers. That is enough for additional storage to keep any tool nearby. For shelves, it has open-style mode without closed cover. You can put few things, whether directly on its surface or adding any box. Another feature is drop-leaf extended section where you can put the chair or stools.

This kitchen island has medium size as it's only for additional furniture in kitchen. If you need more space to serve dishes during dining time, this is suitable one to choose. With solid wood, you can have it for longer period. Moreover, the countertop is strong to withstand force when cooking. Besides, it is easy to clean as well.

Another John Boos kitchen island breakfast bar comes in oval style. At first, the design and quality are quite similar. For design, the only difference is in its countertop, which adopts the oval shape. However, there is no extended leaf, but the surface is wider to give enough space for dining session. The material uses solid wood from maple tree. The quality is excellent that can last longer for any kitchen activity. For additional features, there are drawers and shelves as storage to put the cooking tools and ingredients.

You can have rectangle design if you have enough space at kitchen and want something concise without unnecessary space to waste. As it mentioned above, this furniture comes in handy for daily event or special occasion. Interesting thing about John Boos product is its flexibility for outdoor serving. Moreover, you can have it in kitchen bar. The oval style is suitable for less formal event. You may modify it to give additional space at dining room. Well, that’s what you get from John Boos kitchen island breakfast bar.